Starting 1/1/2022, there is a new bug that affects Exchange servers and the emails were not going out and were stuck in the Queue. This bug is called the Y2K22 Exchange server Bug and it happens because the Antimalware Agent scan engine encountered an error. To resolve this issue run the following command and restart the transport agent.

Set-MalwareFilteringServer -BypassFiltering $True -identity <exchangeservername>

For example: if the exchange server name is Mail-Server, run the following commands. Launch Exchange Management Shell as administrator and type following two commands.

Set-MalwareFilteringServer -BypassFiltering $True -identity Mail-Server

Restart-Service MSExchangeTransport
Instead of running restart-service command to restart transport service, you can launch services.msc management console and restart transport service.

 Microsoft has released a script to run to resolve this issue, please click here to go to the Microsoft solution page. 

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